3 Fun Facts About the Sea-Doo Switch

Sea-Doo introduced a pontoon, the Switch, which takes you and your family’s experience on the water to a new level. This boat is Sea-Doo’s idea of bridging the gap between a jet ski and a pontoon. It has the size and look of a pontoon but the control of a jet ski. Including a safety-minded engine without the dangerous props, making this boat even more family-friendly. Its unique features set the Sea-Doo Switch apart from typical pontoons we have seen and set new standards for technology you see in designs. The Sea-Doo Switch comes in three lines, and each delivers different features and varies in price.

  • Base: the most affordable option that still has that modern look and adaptability.
  • Sport: comes in all colors and horsepower.
  • Cruise: offers all features and upgrades.

Keep reading about the Sea-Doo Switch and why it may be the perfect boat for you and your family.

Sea-Doo Switch
Check out the new Sea-Doo Switch

Driving Experience

The Sea-Doo Switch has a tri-hull design which allows the look of a pontoon, but the stability of a v-hull boat.

This design will improve how the pontoon handles the water and how you feel when controlling it. While driving this pontoon, you will notice the familiarity of a jet ski at the helm; the wheel is a jet skis handlebar, creating a simple docking and handling experience for captains. Another unique feature that sets the Switch’s driving experience apart from other vessels is that cruise control is standard in the Switch’s lineup, and the trailer is included straight from the dealership.


On top of being extraordinary from other pontoons, Sea-Doo has technology exclusive to them.

Their Intelligent Brake and Reverse system, or iBR®, is the first braking technology on a pontoon. Its use is very similar to the handle of a jet ski, just like the wheel, and reduces stopping distance significantly and makes docking and launching much easier.

The engine on the Sea-Doo Switch is different from the typical engine you see on pontoons. The Switch has an attached jet engine, a Rotax 1630 ACE engine, which makes the ride and the glide on the water like a jet ski. This power and maneuverability give another dimension of fun on the water.


Many boats are customizable.

Building a boat from scratch is typical, whether it is size, color, or horsepower, but this pontoon gives a whole new meaning to the word “customizable.” The modular deck makes it easy for you to switch up the layout on your boat just by moving the grid-like squares. You can purchase more seating and accessories as your needs change and make this space exactly how you like. This storefront is an excellent feature if you buy a used Switch to make it your own!


This reimagined boat will be perfect for families who want the flexibility and simplicity of a pontoon. Not only does this offer more space, but having the drive and docking similarity of a jet ski will be revolutionary to drivers. That said, the starting price is $21,799, which is a reasonable price point given the freedom it provides owners to upgrade. Boats for Sale also has a great financing tool for you to use to secure your boat and put you on the water fast!