3 Reasons You Know You’re Ready for a Cruiser Boat

Best suited for experienced boaters who are looking to get out and explore more, cruisers are boats that offer the engineering and amenities to carry passengers comfortably to their destination, and ideally to host them below deck for overnight trips. Here are three reasons you know you’re ready to search for a cruiser boat for sale.  

Cruiser Boat
Boaters looking for an upgrade in their adventure, in comfort and in amenities often trade out for a cruiser.

You want to upgrade your overnight game

Turn the creature comfort knob up a few notches.

While many powerboats offer a modest cabin, for more than a single night, or even a nap, they might not provide the comfort you seek when enjoying life at sea for a weekend. A goal of all cruisers is to provide comfortable, sheltered accommodations for at least two people. In the sweet spot range for cruisers between 28 to 40 feet, you can expect a well-appointed cabin (or two) with reasonably-sized bed(s), head(s) and a galley, as well as a dining area.  While at this modest size you may have less headroom and square feet than a yacht and may sacrifice other seating space, this is a nice upgrade from a cuddy cabin or a walkaround.

You’re looking for more power

Whether day-cruising or shuttling to an overnight spot, these boats can still get up there in speed. 

As cruisers are outfitted to travel further distances and because of the weight of the creature comforts we mentioned, they require multiple, more powerful engines than the boat you probably have now. And as a result, they must have larger gas tanks that range from about 250-500 gallons. When all is said and done, cruisers have an average speed of about 50 mph and mid-range fuel efficiency, which is more than enough to get you out further than your usually-frequented waterways, primed for new adventures. 

You want to travel further

Cruisers offer the just-right combination of handling, performance and technology.

The perfect segue from talking about engine and fuel capacity is to talk distance. One of the top reasons someone upgrades to a cruiser boat is because they are ready to take boating excursions to the next level. The further out you venture on a boat, the more solid ride and handling you’d expect engineered into the design. At the dashboard you can expect upgraded navigation electronics to get you there and home safely. You will also enjoy ramped-up audio/visual equipment and higher-end galley appliances that better-suit days or weekends aboard at a time.  

Cruiser Boat
Cruisers offer the perfect suite of ride, handling, and tech devices to give you the reassurance to travel beyond your usual waters.
If you’re ready for next-level boating, a cruiser could be the boat for you. 

The perfect “second boat,” cruisers average around $275,000-$300,000 new, with used ones coming in at much lower than that, while still offering you a next-level experience. If you’re wanting to live more life onboard a boat, a cruiser is a great option. One of the top boat categories at Boats For Sale, find a cruiser that suits your dream boating life today. Check out our cruisers for sale right now.