5 Tips for Planning Date Night on a Boat

Want to add some sizzle to your next date night?   

Whether you’re celebrating a wedding anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or just looking for a peaceful, romantic evening on the water, a boat is the perfect setting for date night. The atmosphere, the food, the scenery, the music—this post will tackle it all, so you’ll only encounter smooth sailing.   

Use your boat to take date night to the next level. Follow these five tips for planning date night onboard a boat.  

Date Night

If you’re ready to make the best impression on the one you love, start planning a date night on a boat.

Make sure your boat is ready to impress.

The first thing you need to do when prepping for date night on a boat is some maintenance.   

The last thing you want to do is get on the water and have some mechanical issues. Take it for a test run and make sure everything is running smoothly. Have it detailed, then declutter and organize what you can. Nothing is less romantic than a cozy night for two aboard a dirty boat.   


Create the setting.

You can’t get a more romantic setting than when you are on the water.  

Not only do you have the scenic horizon in your view, but you also won’t be in a noisy and crowded restaurant, waiting for a bland meal. Instead, you’ll be sitting at a table for two, watching the sunset and the reflections of the lights off the water while listening to the sounds of the sea.  

Prepare the décor.

When you have the water and sunset as your backdrop, you don’t need a lot of décor.   

Focus on fresh flowers and romantic lighting. Many florists will deliver right to the boat, so when you step on board, you’ll be greeted with fresh lilies, sunflowers, or roses. You won’t have to stress and rush around to grab a last-minute bouquet of whatever’s left at the store. Be sure to add some flameless candles to boost the romance and ambiance.   

Newly tuned up twin Yamaha 300 boat engines on the back of a fishing boat
Whether you decide to stay docked, or explore uncharted waters, a night on the boat will make the ideal evening. 

Pick your playlist.

Most boats have sound systems that will connect with your device via Bluetooth so that you can bring your own playlist of romantic songs.

Find your partner’s favorite love ballads and create the ultimate boating date night playlist. If you need a little help, we’ve got you covered—check out our Spotify playlists!

Plan your menu.

You have a few options when providing meals on a boat.    

Depending on the kitchen, you can prepare the meal on the boat or prepare ahead of time and bring the food. Or you can try at-the-dock delivery from local restaurants, which means you can get your significant others’ all-time favorites delivered right to you with no hassles. Whatever you decide to do – don’t forget the dessert!   

If you want to plan a romantic date night on your boat, it might be time to treat yourself to an upgraded boat! Boating is a lifestyle, and a romantic night away from everyday boring dates is a must.  

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