7 Fun Fall Boating Activities 

Summer is drawing to a close, the leaves are beginning to change, and the mornings bring a slight chill to the air. Fall is coming, but that doesn’t mean your boating fun has to end. As the seasons change, we get to experience a variety of new fun fall boating activities.  

Fall boating is the perfect escape into the crisp air and provides a reprieve from the harsh rays of summer. From fall fishing to beach bonfires, there are plenty of reasons to keep boating as the seasons change. Here are seven fun fall boating activities for you to enjoy with your family and friends this season!  

Fun Fall Boating Activities
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Take a fall foliage cruise

As fall creeps in, you may want to consider seeing the autumn colors from a different perspective.

Instead of a long drive through the countryside, switch up your roadmap this year and make it a lake view. Check out a new body of water you have never been to and escape the traffic, obstructed views, and crowded tourist spots. Check out the fall foliage from the comfort of your boat while taking in the reflections on the water and sipping on your favorite pumpkin-spiced beverage. Make leaf viewing from the water a fun new twist to a favorite fall tradition.

Tailgating … but by boat

Nothing says fall more than football!

And what better way to combine two favorite past times than to watch the big game from your boat? The food, drinks, and energy that comes with tailgating and football are fun for everyone, and doing it from your boat is a whole new experience. Football, food, bneer, and water – now thats boatification™!

PRO TIP: For the biggest football fans, check out these sailgating-friendly stadiums. 

Cozy up to a beach bonfire

Imagine a peaceful evening with panoramic views of a tranquil seaside sunset.

Now picture yourself relaxing with friends and family around a bonfire while the music plays and the drinks flow, complete with the aroma of logs burning. A beach bonfire is a perfect activity to welcome fall and make the most of those chilly evenings.

Explore some fall festivals

There’s nothing like a festival to put you in the mood for a bit of autumn spice.

A fall festival in a quaint little riverside downtown community is the perfect excuse to explore by boat this season. Most towns located along popular recreational waterways have boating facilities available. Just plan ahead and ensure your boat can be accommodated.  

Organize a dockside restaurant crawl

Now that summer is over, and school is in session, it’s incredible how much the waterways slow down.

There’s finally a space at the dockside restaurant where you spent all summer looking for a slip. As the local restaurants release their fall menu, plan a fun restaurant crawl with your fellow foodies to experience all the fantastic fall flavors while cruising the water.

Fall fishing

Any good angling aficionado knows fall is the best time for fishing.

Whether you are deep-sea fishing or sticking with inland rivers, you are likely to catch something unexpected as the season changes. Fish tend to become more aggressive in the fall and winter months. This means you get a greater chance of reeling in some exciting catches. Also, lakes and rivers tend to be less crowded in the fall, so plan to enjoy some peace and quiet.

Perfect your boating skills.

Does the hustle and bustle of summer make you anxious?

Get over those jitters and perfect your boating skills this fall when the waterways are calmer and you have more room to maneuver. Uncrowded waters will give you the space to practice and get comfortable. Come next summer, you’ll have the skills and confidence to meet the challenges and feel utterly cool at the helm.

These seven activities are great ways to squeeze more fun out of the year and enjoy your boat a little bit longer. Make the most of crisp fall days with these festive ideas.

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