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Suzuki Outboard Fuel System Maintenance

For boat owners with a Suzuki outboard, fuel system issues can put a damper on a fun boating season. From poor performance to reduced gas mileage, having your outboard running…
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Wakeboarding for Beginners: A Guide

Cruising the water is nice and all, but sometimes a little adrenaline rush is just what you need to make the day. If you really want to “shred the gnar”…
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What’s New in Boating – 2023

On this podcast, PartVu Xchange Talks Boating talks with the former president of Discover Boating, Carl Blackwell. Carl has a deep history in the marine industry, providing him with a…
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Affordable Yachting: Is It Really Possible?

On this podcast, PartVu Xchange Talks Boating host spoke with Bob Denison, the president and founder of Denison Yachting. The boating business runs in Bob’s veins. His grandfather Frank founded…
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Gold, Silver, and Jewels Recently Discovered from Historic Sunken Ship in the Bahamas

This article was featured on Denison Yachting News & Events Carl Allen and his team have recovered gold, silver, jewels, and other artifacts from the wreckage of the Nuestra Señora…
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The Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Boaters (And How to Keep Them)

Given that you are reading this article, you are likely an avid boater. But how do you feel about New Year’s resolutions? New Year’s resolutions are a sensitive topic as…
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