Best Boats for Lake Fishing

Freshwater boating and fishing are pretty much one and the same. Freshwater fishing is also one of the most popular outdoor activities we do in America. And being out in nature is as important as the wins of reeling them in, which is why there are so many to choose from. Here are a few fishing boats that we rank amongst the top for serious lake anglers. Then search our complete inventory of fishing boats, and be sure to use filters to narrow them down: there are hundreds available. 

Lake Fishing
Lund’s hybrid aluminum boats top-perform in the lake, regardless of the size. 

Lund: “The Ultimate Fishing Experience”

One of the biggest names in the freshwater game, with Lund you get what you pay for. 

This brand is known for the ease of use and rugged dependability built into each of their boats, always with fishing at the forefront. Their higher-end, hybrid aluminum models handle the chop of a bigger lake for fishing, but can also ease you gracefully into shallow spots of smaller lakes when you’re targeting large mouth. Lund also offer a large range of entry-level tillers for those launching exclusively in smaller waters. While Lund is known for its premium pricing, anglers everywhere defend the Lund Life, for good reason. If you are seeking a fishing boat, Lund is a good standard to measure against.

Sea Pro: “The Next Wave”

A long-time successful and popular brand who has reimagined a line that performs well lakeside, too. 

Don’t be fooled by its name: this brand makes high quality boats that don’t come with a high price tag—some that are as nimble in freshwater as they are in saltwater. Take the 228 Bay Boat, for example. Paired with power poles and a trolling motor and jack plate, the 228 offers shallow enough draft to get in skinny waters and to troll lake shorelines, but is strong enough to trailer to the coast and get salty. Why limit yourself?

Crestliner: “Forged by Strength, Defined by Durabilty”

An industry mainstay, this tried-and-true brand is known for the versatility of Lake Life its models offer.

A fishing boat conversation will always feature the Crestliner name. Owned by the same parent company and manufactured in the same location as Lund, Crestliners have a lower price tag, a simpler set of features, and are marketed as strong and durable, and more towards the family fishing experience. Take the versatile and popular Sportfish series that focuses on wake, waterskiing and tubing as much as fishing. Also worth mentioning, enthusiasts of the brand tout Crestliner’s welded hulls as a unique feature that sets it apart from other aluminum boats. Lakebound anglers can choose from a range of bay, fishing, bass and hunting boats—which model you choose will usually depend on what else you’ll be doing on it after the catch.

A Regal Boat owner enjoying an outing sitting with wife and kids jumping in water
The Sea Pro 228 Bay Boat IS AS HIGH-PERFORMING AT lake trolling as IT IS IN saltWATER. 
 Filter your fishing boat search before you get trolling for one. 

Lund, Sea Pro and Crestliner are only three out of countless brands of boats you’ll see out on the lake. When you’re searching for your dream fisher, use our filters to really hone in on what will really matter the most to you when you’re out there, whether it’s the family, the fish or the amount of investment. Use our filters to make the search less intimidating, and feel free to reach out to our team to learn more about buying a fishing boat from the pros at Boats For Sale.