Boating Adventures a Pontoon Was Made For

Cruising comfortably in calm or shallow waters, the ease and comfort a pontoon provides alone is enough to choose the boat with the dual-tube hull that’s surging in popularity. But we’re here to showcase best-selling pontoon activities. Here are a few of our favorite boating adventures made better when on a pontoon.

Boating Adventures
While we don’t love the name party barge, we like the additional passenger capacity a pontoon has to offer. The more people you can share time on the water with, the better.

Entertaining All Your Friends at Once

Boating life is best when shared.

The ample deck space and shape of a pontoon, when combined with the stability of its dual-hull design, set the stage for a land-like experience on the water. Pontoons host about a third more passengers than powerboats of the same length. Their shape and width, and their ability to cut through chop with ease allow for a variety of furniture layouts that cater to entertaining. Whether it be dining, enjoying a cocktail, playing games, or just chatting while out on the water, a pontoon offers ample opportunity for it all. This includes your furry friends, who adapt quickly to the surefootedness a pontoon offers.

Fun and Easy Fishing Trips

Casting and cruising are a breeze from the deck of a pontoon.

There are no better boating adventures than fishing boating adventures. Pontoons have a lot of room on deck, as well as a lot of storage — two things atop the wish list of everyone with a rod and a reel. Unless you’re a super-serious fisherman, a pontoon provides all the same capabilities as most boats people fish from. The ample deck space gives anglers a lot of room to move around and maneuver to reel in fish. The stability of the dual hull design offers secure footing not found in deep Vees. If fishing is your thing, you can buy a pontoon customized with a fishing-friendly floorplan that may include amenities such as livewells, fishfinders, fishing chairs, and rod and tackle holders. Some may even be outfitted with a second trolling motor for freshwater fishing days.

Boating Adventures on a pontoon
Fishing from a pontoon is spacious, stable and relaxing, with plenty of storage for your equipment, and your catch.

Sunset Cruising to Nowhere

Pontoons are ultimate cruising boats. Comfy seating adds to the scene.

Pontoons aren’t just comfy cruisers by nature. Sure, the wider beam adds to stability. But the pontoons themselves are also engineered to tame waves, lifting and pushing through water to make for a really smooth ride. Floorplans set the scene as well. While some pontoon layouts are designed for fishing or family activities like dining, some are set so that each passenger has a comfortable viewing spot. When choosing your pontoon, pay special attention not only to the comfort level but the layout, to be sure it sets the stage for enjoying the view. Nothing beats a sunrise or sunset cruise, where talking ceases and everyone onboard is in the beauty of the moment.

Catching rays can be serene when you’re reclined on the spacious, open deck of a pontoon. Now thats Boatification™!

Lazy, Sun-Bathing Days

When doing as little as possible is the boating goal, a pontoon is your best bet.

This is what pontoons were designed for. Lush, convertible, couch-like seating reclines to become sunbathing berths and napping corners. Creature comforts like cupholders, USB chargers and armrests add to the relaxation. Whether you’re anchored at a sandbar, anchored mid-lake or are lightly cruising, take full advantage of the pontoon’s chilled-out layout that begs you to slow down. You can even sprawl out on a beach towel on deck. The opportunities to chill out and do nothing are endless.