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Suzuki Outboard Fuel System Maintenance

For boat owners with a Suzuki outboard, fuel system issues can put a damper on a fun boating season. From poor performance to reduced gas mileage, having your outboard running…
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Get Your Boat Ready for Spring with This Maintenace Checklist

As the weather warms up and the days get longer, it’s time for boat owners to get their boats out of winter storage and prepare them ready for the upcoming…
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How to Stop Marine Rust & Corrosion

There’s one word that strikes fear into the heart of novice and seasoned boaters alike: rust. If you’ve seen marine rust on your boat and/or boat trailer, you know that…
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Boat Winterization in South Texas?

This article was written by Cody Ryan Greaney, host of the Outdoor Radio Show. Cody is also a pro bass angler & fishing guide Each year I start seeing articles,…
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