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Hunter Bland: A Terrible Boating Accident to Leading Boating Safety Advocate

PartVu Xchange Talks Boating host Jason Bradstreet spoke with Hunter Bland, a veteran bass fishing angler with college and professional experience. Hunter’s widely recognized as a leading advocate for boating…
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The Rise of Astrotourism: Night Fever

This article originally appeared on Denison Yachting. Who needs the sun when a cloak of darkness can give way to unforgettable adventures? The rise of astrotourism – activities that orbit…
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The Basics of Anchoring a Boat

Understanding the basics of anchoring your boat is fundamental to safe and responsible boating. Learning to anchor your boat properly will help ensure that you stay in place for recreational…
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PFD 101: Selecting the Right Life Jackets

Whether you prefer boating in small lakes or on the open ocean, love a relaxing day of fishing or are a watersports enthusiast, having the correct life jackets on hand…
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Boat Propeller Physics—Insight from Turning Point Propellers

PartsVu Xchange Talks Boating chatted with Phil Stephanuik, Product Engineering Manager at Turning Point Propellers, and Charlie Haimes, a partner with the Haimes Coleman Group, about the physics and characteristics…
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US Coast Guard Requirements: Boat Safety Equipment

All vessels, regardless of length, are required to comply with federal and state laws regarding boating safety equipment. The specific equipment needed varies depending on the length of the boat.…
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