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Five Ways to Improve Your Boating Skills

Boating is a unique recreational activity, and it’s great for those who love to spend their time on the water. However, it requires the necessary skills and training to ensure…
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What are the Different Parts of a Boat Called? (A Complete Guide)

Whether you’re new to boating or a veteran captain, it’s important to learn the basic parts of a boat and related terminology. This blog post will cover the essential parts…
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6 Tips for Watching Fireworks from Your Boat

If you want an unforgettable 4th of July celebration, start planning your holiday on the water. Independence Day from your boat is a magical setting to enjoy the fireworks as…
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How to Safely and Successfully Beach Your Boat

One of the many joys of boating is the freedom to explore and discover new places to anchor and relax. However, beaching a boat can be daunting for some boat…
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The Basics of Anchoring a Boat

Understanding the basics of anchoring your boat is fundamental to safe and responsible boating. Learning to anchor your boat properly will help ensure that you stay in place for recreational…
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