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What are the Different Parts of a Boat Called? (A Complete Guide)

Whether you’re new to boating or a veteran captain, it’s important to learn the basic parts of a boat and related terminology. This blog post will cover the essential parts…
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Breaking in a New Suzuki Outboard Motor

One of the most critical tasks for a new Suzuki outboard engine owner is properly breaking in the motor. Correct operation during this break-in period ensures you get the maximum…
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How Trolling Mate Has Changed the Face of Fishing Tackle Organization

PartsVu Xchange Talks Boating spoke with Lance LeHew, co-founder of Trolling Mate. After a successful career in the automotive collision and commercial real estate industries, Lance was able to sell…
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Boat Lights: The Most Boring (But Essential) Topic in Boating

This article was written by Cody Ryan Greaney, host of the Outdoor Radio Show. Cody is also a pro bass angler & fishing guide. Boat lights are probably the most…
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