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Boating Adventures a Pontoon Was Made For

Cruising comfortably in calm or shallow waters, the ease and comfort a pontoon provides alone is enough to choose the boat with the dual-tube hull that’s surging in popularity. But…
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How You Know a Bay Boat is the Boat for You

Ah, a bay boat. Tucked in that niche between flat-bottom shallow water boats and center consoles engineered for the open seas, a bay boat does a little bit of both.…
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5 Reasons a Pontoon Boat is the Boat For You

Stable, spacious and long-lasting, pontoon boats can go the distance for boaters looking for a combination of fishing, entertaining and family fun. Whether you’re a first-time boater, upgrading your current…
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Top 3 Center Console Boat Activities

In the market for a versatile boat? Look no further than the center console. Named after their centrally-located steering station, these boats offer ample, open seating, are fuel-efficient, and give…
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4 Main Reasons to Buy a Center Console Boat

When you’re searching to buy a boat for the first time, one of the first boat types that you’ll probably consider is a center console. A popular style, there are…
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Best Boats for Lake Fishing

Freshwater boating and fishing are pretty much one and the same. Freshwater fishing is also one of the most popular outdoor activities we do in America. And being out in…
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