Deckboats 101

Welcome to Deckboats 101! A quick tutorial about all things deckboat.

Your first and most important lesson in deckboats 101 is that a deckboat is literally a boat where the focus is maximizing deck space. Their versatility and capacity make deckboats one of our top ten boat types for sale.

Pontoon Boat
Deckboats are most often sought after for their additional passenger capacity, but they have many more features that make them popular.

Plenty of Room

Deckboats are very often a size upgrade from the popular bowrider boat type.

Deckboats make more room for your bigger family, allow for the space and storage for additional activities and amenities, and provide a lot more room for sprawling out and lazing around in general. They average between 18 to 28 feet long, most of which are still trailerable. At the top of that range you can fit up to 14 passengers, similar to a pontoon boat, and about 30% more than other boats that length. Single or dual console deckboat models are available. Those seeking the absolute maximum space on deck will opt for a single, wide console, while the dual console sacrifices a bit more space to allow for a passenger to sit and socialize with the driver.

Comfortable Ride

Shaped for space and stability, with plenty of room for activities.

Deckboats are designed with a V-shaped hull that’s flared at the top, widening the beam. This hull shape keeps the deckboat balanced and stable, cutting through waves and keeping your passengers dry. This hull shape yields the additional deck width which makes them roomy as promised. Deckboats come in various hull materials: aluminum and fiberglass are the most popular. 

Highly Versatile

More room makes it easier to fish, lounge, and entertain.

The wide bow and additional square footage of the deck is leveraged not only for open space to move about or fish freely and comfortably, but for additional or larger lounge configurations. This provides so much versatility for leisure boating activities like sunbathing and swimming, or spectating — deckboats have a towing eye fixed to the transom or rear deck which makes them perfectly suitable to tow watersports enthusiasts.   

Pontoon Boat
Deckboats offer a smooth, balanced ride that leisure boaters and watersports friends and family will all enjoy.

Affordability Factor

More expensive than bowriders, but still price-accessible for the right owner.

Because of their increased size and design, deckboats are slower than bowriders, but that speed is offset by the increased stability, passenger capacity, and amenities such as swim platforms, all of which are preferred by deckboat owners. Used deckboats can start in the teens, while a new, fully-featured deckboat comes in on average at 100K. This slightly larger and heavier boat comes with a higher price tag than a comparable bowrider, but boat owners seeking size readily pay the price.

If you’re searching for a comfortable boat with plenty of space and options on the water, a deckboat could be the boat for you.

Reasonably affordable when compared to other boats that accompany a greater passenger load, deckboats are an effective and efficient choice for first-time and long-time boaters who value their space and a range of boating possibilities. Check out the deckboats for sale in our marketplace right now.