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With an Extended Marine Contract

Enjoy life on the water worry-free with an extended marine contract.

Protect your purchase right here at Boats For Sale.

Extended service contracts ensure your engine, steering, v-drive, ignition, and other essential mechanisms and features are covered so you can live the boating life without a care except for how many hours you’ll have out on the water. Plus, in some cases, these warranties are transferrable to future owners, which is really helpful with resale.

We can customize your extended service contract based on your intended type of use and conditions. These policies can include the following:

  • Accessories, Components, and Controls
  • Dockside Repair Call
  • Engine Repairs
  • Fabric Protection
  • Fuel Injection
  • Hydraulic Steering
  • Hoist/Lift-Out
  • Ignition
  • On-Water Towing
  • Trailer Tire Wheel Repair and Replacement
  • V-Drive
Extended Boat Warranty
  • Contact
  • Motor
  • Watercraft

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What do manufacturer warranties usually cover?

Manufacturers warranties generally cover the structure of the boat and its major components. Most manufacturers warranties have a 1 year term, except for the hull structure. The hull structure itself may carry a manufacturers warranty out as far as 10 years. Structural failures are very rare today. The engine and electronics often carry their own separate warranties. Boats are more like a house, when it comes to coverage, than a car as a result of the fact many components are not actually made by the boat manufacturer (such as the engine, electronics, stereo, etc).

How does an Extended Marine Contract differ from a Manufacturer Warranty?

Extended boat warranties ( also called Extended Service Contracts), operate much like insurance to protect you from failures of t he named components after the manufacturers warranty term ends. Extended Service Contracts can range in price based on when you purchase it, the age of your boat/engine, and the coverage included. Many companies will allow you to purchase a contract at any time as long as your boat is still eligible by their terms. Typically, the cost of coverage is most affordable when the boat is new or at the time of sale. Some companies will require a survey or an inspection of your boat if purchasing a service contract on a used boat.

What things should I look to have include in an Extended Marine Contract?

Not necessarily. Extended coverage is available at time of transfer of ownership, f or many boats, depending on age, hours and condition. For a warranty claim, the boat typically needs to go back to a dealership that sells or services that manufacturer since they will be paid directly from the manufacturer for that work. For extended service contracts, most coverages allow you to use any authorized marine repair facility.


Protect Your Boat Purchase

With any purchase of a boat from Boat For Sale, you can find peace of mind by adding an extended boat service contract, regardless of the status of its original manufacturer warranty.