5 of our Favorite Wakeboard Boat Brands

Whether inboard, outboard or jet propelled, wakeboard boats have surged in popularity over the past few decades, leading to rapid innovation and engineering breakthroughs. In today’s wakeboard boats you’re likely to have self-filling ballasts, wakeboard towing towers and wave plates that combine to craft the ideal wake. If you’re looking to buy a boat to wakeboard, here are five of the most popular boat brands at Boats For Sale, and why we like them, in no particular order. Then browse for yourself in our Ski and Wakeboard boat category.

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MasterCraft is one of the best-known brands in all of boating for good reason: top-performing wake innovation and luxury.



Headquarters: Vonore, TN

MasterCraft is recognized as the largest producer of high-end inboard ski boats and performance, luxury powerboats. They are perhaps best recognized, however, as one of the best wake boat manufacturers in the world.

Also known for combining innovative features with durable construction, MasterCraft boats offer a suite of amenities, high-end entertainment options, and patented equipment and software to craft consistent, perfect wake like their hydro-lock towers and switchback ballasts.

MasterCraft also manufacturers aftermarket gear you can use to customize a used MasterCraft — or any other wake boat — to meet your personal standards and use. And they are completely customizable at first purchase, so when you’re buying a MasterCraft from Boats for Sale you will have a wide variety of unique options to choose from. Check out all of our MasterCraft boats for sale right now.


Headquarters: Loudon, TN

The Malibu brand promotes their boats as the world’s best for waterskiing, wake surfing and, most dominantly, wakeboarding. Best known for their patented wave and wake creation technologies, Malibu is one of the top sought-after high-end wakeboard brands out there today.

Neck and neck with, and compared tirelessly to MasterCraft, Malibu’s known for their constantly-refined-and-improved wake specific hulls, a top manufacturing team, and about the best engineering and technology available to wakeboarders.

They also offer top-end luxury comfort, but this also keeps them at the top of the wake boat offering when it comes to price. We think it’s worth it, and so does the boating world— Malibu boats truly retain their value over time. Check out our Malibu Boats for sale selection.


Headquarters: Loudon, TN

Axis Wake Research boats, made by Malibu and in the market since 2009, are unique in their bold solid colors and aimed at a younger generation of tow sports enthusiasts who want an affordable price point while being powered by some of the best technology and engineering in the wake boat market. This sweet spot positioning has allowed Axis to quickly climb to one of the top spots in our list, and has given the brand the title of fastest growing towsports boat brand today. 

The way Malibu makes its Axis boats affordable isn’t by stripping out performance— it’s by removing some of the luxe bells and whistles, and some of the automatic electronic features of the wake-crafting and other technology onboard. Not only does this keep the initial price down, it improves reliability, with fewer things to break down and require service.

According to owners who have had multiple Axis boats, the brand has only increased in quality over the years, which makes it a top option for those who are seeking affordability but do not want to compromise on performance. Axis boats for sale go fast. Check out our selection of Axis Wake Research/ Axis boats for sale available right now.

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Axis, manufactURED by Malibu, is the fastest growing BRAND IN THE WAKEBOARDING CATEGORY.


Headquarters: Merced, CA

One of several boat brands heavily invested in by ski and wakeboard monolith Correct Craft, Centurion makes our list because of its leading performance wakeboard boats, and their popularity and consistent availability in the marketplace.

Centurion is owned by Fineline Industries which evolved from waterski boats to be best known for, and a dominant player in the wakeboard boat and, more recently, the wake surf market.  The brand’s success is largely in part to founder Rich Lee’s well-recognized innovative mind. After acquisition by Correct Craft in 2015, Lee has recently secured partial ownership again.

The brand is recognized by the industry to push the envelope of design to produce the best wakes and waves for tow watersports. They’ve also been successful in branded strategic partnerships, like one with NASCAR, as well as their hull innovation. And Lee is credited with being the first to invent a boat to surf behind under the Centurion name. Browse our Centurion ski and wakeboard boats for sale now.


Headquarters: Nashville, TN

While not as popular a name to those new to wakeboarding, Chapparal quickly becomes synonymous with the sport. This brand makes boats built for speed, and their wakeboard boats consistently score at the top for performance and luxury.

Chapparal is focused on high-end, high-quality, and their wake boats benefit from both. Offering fully custom boats to all new owners, the brand is known for user-friendly boating and wake-creating tech.

Their most popular models are forward-drive. Chapparl leverages the versatility and performance of these motors, but with the propeller in front of the transom unit, making these boats a top choice for safety—something all five of our top brands consider when engineering their wakeboard boats. Browse our Chapparal boats for sale right now.

It’s time for you to buy your wakeboard boat.

While these top five brands set the standard for high-performing, cutting-edge wakeboard boats, they represent only a fraction of the Ski and Wakeboard boats in the marketplace. Browse many more brands right now to find the best wakeboard boat for sale for you.