5 of the Most Popular Bass Boat Brands

Fishing is one of the most popular activities in America. Bass fishing is one of the most popular kinds of fishing. So there are hundreds of boat brands that manufacture bass boats. Here are just five of the most popular bass boat brands, in no particular order. There are many new and used bass boats for sale from each of these brands right now in our marketplace.

Shopping for a Used Boat
One of two bass boat brands on this list owned by Bass Pro Shops, Nitro makes high-end quality for a mid-range price.


Light, fast, and high value for the dollar

Nitro bass boats are touted to be designed for speed and stability, construction that is rated for high-powered motors, and storage and features that truly maximize bass fishability. They are manufactured of woven fiberglass x chopped fiberglass strand hulls — giving them ultra light weight and durability, with ultimate puncture resistance. Manufactured by the White River Marine Group which is in turn owned by the Bass Pro Group, it’s no surprise that Nitro is among the most popular bass boats around. The brand is built alongside other tiers of well-known bass boat brands, which gives them direct access to materials, keeping the price of a Nitro bass boat manageable while keeping the price high. In fact, new bass boats from Nitro range in the middle, between $30,000 – $70,000.


An innovative, all-around premium performer

Bass boats from Ranger are claimed to be of highest quality, super-innovative, and the safest bass boats with the most solid all-around performance. The brand is regarded as a powerhouse — a dominating force in bass manufacturing. Ranger offers both fiberglass and aluminum bass boats in a range of models. Mid-priced between $30,000 – $60,000 and backed by the brand’s famous five-star advantage, the manufacturers stand staunchly behind each bass boat they make. This high-quality control standard combined with Ranger’s attention to construction and accessory detail make them a bass fisherman’s dream.


A top-rated heritage brand cherished by bass fishers

A 75-year long heritage in bass boat manufacturing precedes the Skeeter name. With that comes many firsts in innovation over the years, and a reputation backed by 21 consecutive awards in “Excellence in Customer Satisfaction for Fiberglass Outboard Boats.” Skeeter’s engineering is derived from advanced manufacturing techniques and materials first used in aerospace. Leveraging patented materials and construction techniques, Skeeter is also well-regarded for its customer experience, from their dealership experience to maintenance and service throughout the life of each bass boat. Skeeter’s reputation yields premium pricing, with its lowest-price model coming in at $36,000, ranging upwards of $130,000.

Shopping for a Used Boat
Boasting one of the longest heritages in bass boat manufacturing, Skeeter is well-regarded, and premium priced.

Bass Cat

The premiere bass boat manufacturer

Bass Cat is owned by Correct Craft and manufactured at their facility in Mountain Home, Arkansas. The tagline “Total Performance Bass Boats” sums up the brand’s value proposition: Bass Cats are designed and engineered to create the best riding, fishing, and performing bass boats out there. As such, Bass Cat is continuously pushing innovations like their recessed trolling motor pedals and vacuum molded processes, as well as radius hull shapes. Continuously inspiring the industry to build a better bass boat, those seeking an unparalleled cutting-edge boat look no further than Bass Cat. As expected, the brand is expensive, though it offers lower-priced models. New Bass Cats begin at $12,000 and range up to just over $100,00 for their premium bass boats.


A solid, entry-level boat with a great warranty

Like Nitro, Tracker bass boats are manufactured by the White River Marine Group, owned by Bass Pro Group. Created only some years after Bass Pro Shops surged in popularity, the retailer decided to manufacture a namesake brand of aluminum bass boats that focused on quality at an affordable price and could be manufactured and sold at high volume. After two years of initial development, Tracker was brought to market. It quickly became a top-selling bass boat for its price accessibility and remains so because of its consistency. The boats are robot-welded for consistency and precision fabrication. Trackers use riveted seams rather than welded seams used in mid and high-range bass boats. These are more likely to develop leaks but are much more affordable to fix. Ranging from $12,000 – $29,000, Tracker bass boats sit comfortably in the low price range, while offering an incredible value backed by one of the most popular brands in the states.

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