5 Reasons it’s Time to Upgrade Your Boat

Whether you’re just not feeling as much love for your boating life as you used to, or there are clear issues causing you to consider selling your boat to buy a new boat, our goal at Boats For Sale is to make the experience of getting you out of your existing boat and into your next one pain-free, if not making it totally fun. If any of these reasons below clearly resonate with you, it might be time to upgrade your boat. Let’s get started.

Upgrade Your Boat

Your Family Has Outgrown It

A company of boaters, we can’t imagine you not loving every minute on your boat. If this isn’t you, it’s time for an upgrade.

Whether your family is growing in numbers or shifting their activity preference, it might be time for a new boat.

Are your teenage kids not as stoked on tow rides as they are to wakesurf? Or did you add a child or two since you bought your previous boat? Maybe you’re a set of empty nesters who want to spend weekends anchored out and want a comfier cabin and grander galley. Or maybe you just physically have less room to move about. Whatever the case, don’t allow boating to feel like a compromise. Browse our listings to explore boats that match your family’s current dreams, whether that means more space, new features or something completely different.


You Want to Take Your Boat to New Waters

It’s as important for performance and safety as it is for convenience to have a boat that’s engineered specifically for where you want to take it.

Has #lakelife lost its luster? Have you gotten really into fishing and dream of angling miles offshore for some big ones? If you’re moving out from shallower waters, you’ll need a deeper V hull. Moving to the south for a slower pace, maybe a flatbottom skiff is in order to skim for different kind of fish. Or maybe you want a brand new pontoon to cruise from the dock at your new space to weekly happy hours instead of your bay boat. You just need to be sure your boat matches the conditions and the activity to get the most out of each day on the water, or everything will feel a little less fun.


Your Boat’s Maintenance is Getting Out of Hand

Holding on to a boat that’s not retaining its value doesn’t just become a burden, it becomes a sunk cost.

If you’re spending more time plugging holes and wielding wrenches than behind the console of your boat, maybe it’s time to upgrade. With boat financing options so easy to explore and afford, it’s worth seeing what you qualify for from our Boats For Sale financing team. Or you can even start with our boat calculator and enter the amount you’d like to spend to get back on the water instead of at the dock with a toolbox.


It’s Not as Fun to Use Anymore

Why settle for your current boat if it’s not enjoyable to operate… and when it’s so easy to switch to a different ride?

Did you buy a boat before you knew a lot about yourself as a boater or about boating in general? Does the rough ride bother you more than you used to? Upgrading doesn’t always mean newer, bigger or more expensive. Take some time to browse our articles and listings and see if another boat type sings to you. We make selling your existing boat easy with our user-friendly, free listings. We can even shop around to get you a cash offer from our network of dealers. Then you’ll be free to begin a fresh new path to Instant Boatification™ from your current lens.


You Just Want Something Bigger and Better

When you think upgrade, it’s not about different, it’s about more of the same, but turned up a notch or three.

Maybe you’ve outgrown the sound system or you’d like to bring more people on trips with you, or would like better fishing equipment and accessories onboard. Or there’s that boat brand whose design style is more in line with your own. This is the kind of upgrading we get excited about. More power, more feet, more technology, more possibilities. Sell your boat to an owner who’s going to love it as much as you did when you first started boating, then focus on seeking that feeling for yourself when you buy your next boat.

Out with the tried-and-true, in with the exciting and new. 

The way we see it, boating life should always be a dream. If you’re dreading anything about your boat, at least take a browse and see if something gives you that exciting feeling again. The last reason to resist an upgrade is because it’s a big process. That’s where we come in and make it easy.