5 Reasons You Should Sell Your Boat Right Now

Supply is low, demand is high. Whether you’re ready to let go of your boat for the highest or not, what this all means is that boating is growing for the long-term. And that’s exciting! Keeping reading for five reasons you should sell your boat now.


Demand for boats is higher than ever

The pandemic led to a sharp increase in those who wanted a safe way to get outside and away with family.

It also lowered the age range of first-time buyers as families discovered what #boatinglife has to offer. From 2019 to today, boat sales have increased by up to 40% overall, prices have increased by over 10%, and more people are entering the market and in search of used boats nearby than ever before.


The supply chain for boats has been severely affected by the pandemic

Like many other industries, factories have not yet caught up with shutdowns early last year.

Then there’s a container shortage as companies compete to catch up with overseas shipping, and the backlog of freight ships waiting to come into port on the west coast. The available inventory of boats out there is the lowest it’s been in recent history. If your boat is sell-ready, (and even if it’s not), listing it now will likely mean it’ll sell quickly and for a lot more than it would even a year ago.

Sell Your Boat
People are becoming boaters at a younger age and greater rate than ever before.

Dealers are on the prowl for used boats they can sell

When they have inventory it moves like hotcakes, but dealers need to flip to keep their businesses moving.

They’re offering higher buy-out and trade-in prices than ever before so if you’ve thought about now is the time to sell your boat. Take advantage of a quick sale to a local dealer by using our cash offer feature.


People want a boat right now

Delays and lack of availability have made boat-buyers impatient.

Even for those lucky enough to secure a new boat, the wait times have increased from a few weeks to a few months. For some that’s okay, but others are turning to used boats instead, so they can get on the water ASAP.

Sell Your Boat
Dealers are paying top dollar for used boats they can flip to keep their business moving.

It doesn’t show any signs of stopping

In addition to first-time buyers getting younger, the sharp increase in the amount of them means that the industry is picking up overall.

Same goes for the original manual, title, and any receipts for updates and accouterments. Being able to say these papers are available within your listing de-risks things for the buyer, in addition to reminding them what a responsible boat owner you are, and it adds resale value to show the value YOU added.

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