4 Main Reasons to Buy a Center Console Boat

When you’re searching to buy a boat for the first time, one of the first boat types that you’ll probably consider is a center console. A popular style, there are always some in the market, in a variety of makes and conditions — a bunch of top manufacturers craft center consoles. These small-sized boats offer a ton of versatility and utility, are generally fuel-efficient, and they just look good on the water. Center consoles come in a variety of engine packages like that fuel-efficient single engine for freshwater trolling to double or triple outboards that make them super fun out in the ocean. Average-sized center consoles come in at around 20 to 30 feet, feature open-weather decks with the namesake console at the center. Some sport bimini tops for shelter, while others may have a bunk(s), galley, and a head. Read more about center consoles, then browse our listings to see what’s available near you.

Center Console Boat
CENTER CONsoles are the perfect boat if you want a versatile craft that lends itself to explore all things on the water.

Greater Water Access

It’s all about the angling.

Because of the console’s position, this means the entire deck has access to the water. This serves passengers while they’re on- and off-boarding, but most notably it serves anglers, who cite the centered console as the #1 fishing advantage of any boat. Rather than just fishing from the front and the back of the boat, the center console allows 360 degrees of fishing, and a lot more access to catching a big one, since there’s more room to maneuver and reel it in.

Better Visibility

An unobstructed view allows you to keep your eye on the water — or your next catch.

A central, balanced view is a superior advantage to the driver at the center console. With a side console the driver often has one side view completely blocked. Not only does this position make the boat easier to spot fish, drive, maneuver around dangers, and dock, it also makes a center console extra family-friendly.

Center Console Boat

Superior Balance

A centered driving station makes for an even ride.

If your boat is well-balanced, it will improve your acceleration and handling. For solo boaters especially, the weight of a side console plus the captain can make it difficult to balance your boat. A center console by design and default is in balance. Passengers on center consoles tend to congregate around the console and can easily centered sit in front of it to continue to maintain the boat’s balance throughout the boat’s ride.

Storage and Space

Ample, intuitive storage keeps deck space available for activities.

Center console boats are known for their flow about the deck, and the layout certainly adds more intuitive storage space than other boats. From livewells to fishing rod storage, personal floatation devices, cushions and other accessories, center consoles and their stereotypically forward, central and aft storage options are easy to access and store everything you need for the perfect day.

If you’re in the market for a small-sized boat, crave versatility but want to ensure safe passage and practical comfort on deck and behind the wheel, a center console is an easy choice. Browse the different types of center consoles we have for sale right now at Boats For Sale.