How to Price Your Boat for Sale

If you find yourself searching the web for “how to sell my boat” or “what price should I list my boat at,” you are in the right place. Boats for Sale is your one-stop for all answers and has the tools you need to get your boat sold.

Knowing how to price your boat for sale can be tricky. If you are ready to list your boat, use these tips to price your boat for sale.

Over 75% of consumers in the US shop online – use this to your advantage!

Do your research.

Your first step in the pricing process should be research and comparison. 

No matter where you choose to look for similar boat listings to find a ballpark price comparison, you should consider some factors during your research. Keep in mind the following:

  • The boat’s condition
  • Electronics
  • Any upgrades
  • And location

These are all essential components that must be considered before deciding on a price for your boat. 

Finding the right price.  

Multiple factors go into pricing your boat that goes past the year, make and model.

 Condition, electronics, and location determine how you can price your boat.   

  • Condition: Condition is a factor when preparing your boat to be sold. Everybody wants a boat, but nobody needs a boat, so this is an emotional investment. With that in mind, the physical look or condition of the boat is very important for the first impressions of the passionate consumer. Take the extra time to clear and clean your boat before taking photos and listing it; it will help you get top dollar.
  • Electronics: Technology gets better and better each year, and if you choose to include your electronic accessories on your boat listing, consider upgrading them. Newer electronics help the overall appeal of the boat, which allows the first impressions it gives o the consumer.
  • Location: You may be thinking, why does location matter? The location has a significant influence on the listing price of your boat. There is little you can do about the number of buyers in your area but knowing the price differences between different regions is good. Overall availability of a boat might be in a seller’s favor. The selling price may decrease if selling a boat in Florida alongside many other people selling similar models. However, selling a boat more inland may help your selling price go up due to the buyer’s options being small.  

Tips to increase your boats value. 

There are other things you can upgrade on your boat that do not include electronics.

Purchasing a new canvas for your boat before listing can show you maintained your vessel and is appealing to the consumer’s eye. You could also choose to upgrade the interior, such as the cushions, vinyl, and fabrics. Overall, it is vital to keep your boat clean. Performing regular maintenance on your boat increases its value. The type of water your hull takes on can show heavy use, and deterioration, so frequent washing is essential to remove salt and algae. 

Get it priced now.  

If you want a price suggestion ASAP, our website offers an easy tool, The Instant Price Evaluation, which generates three projected prices for your boat: a high, average, and low dollar estimate.  

The Instant Price Evaluation tool is found under the services tab on the home page of our website to get an estimated market value price for your boat. It is fast, easy, and free to use! Just enter the year, make, and model, and then there is an option to add the trailer and engine for an even more accurate appraisal. This can be a quick tool to estimate your range without searching and finding similar listings by yourself.  

Get your boat listed.  

Whether your goal is to upgrade, downsize, or just get rid of it, knowing the first steps to follow when pricing your boat and getting it listed is essential.  

  • Prepare your boat
  • Create your listing
  • Make the sale

When you list your boat, make sure to put as much detailed information as possible – think about what you would want to read about a boat you bought! Boats for Sale has resources that can help you with these steps.   

Create an attention-grabbing listing. 

Make viewers want to click on your listing with detailed information that appeals to potential buyers. 

Provide detailed descriptions about all the features your boat offers, and remember, the more information, the better. Quality pictures are crucial. Consider your boat a piece of art, and you are a professional photographer. This is your time to showcase all the best angles and features your boat has, so make sure the sizing is correct, your boat is clean, and it is well-lit because today, buyers want to have their shopping experience all online. 

Get a cash offer.

Want to avoid dealing with the hassle of researching pricing and creating a listing? 

Use our cash offer program! The process is simple, tell us about your boat, and we will send your listing to our network of local dealers – who will compete to offer you top dollar for your boat! 

Nobody knows your boat better than you, so consider that in your listing price. There might be similar listings you see online, but the condition and how you kept your boat are something that you can factor into your listing price. So, do your research to determine a price you can negotiate. 

Now you are ready to list your boat. Whether it is to sell your boat and get rid of it entirely or to be able to welcome a new boat in your future, it is one step closer to getting your boat sold. Get started clicking on the “sell” tab on our website. Our selling process makes it easy to create a boat listing and get you leads fast.