How to Stay Engaged with Boat Buyers

While getting new leads is exciting, customer retention is vital to a company’s bottom line. In fact, it can be quite costly to acquire new customers. Recreating old ones can cost you 25 times more than converting new ones. After-sales service is a vital part of the sales cycle, as it provides the support and resources to help your customers after they’ve made that big purchase. It’s also important to show your appreciation for their loyalty. Keep reading to find out why it pays to stay engaged with boat buyers, even after the sale.

It pays to retain customers.

Highly effective after-sales activities include:

  • Promptly answering customer questions
  • Providing additional support
  • Maintaining contact
  • Writing personalized thank you notes

This “above-and-beyond” style of service ensures your customers are happy and keeps them talking about you long after the sale.

Importance of the post-sale service

It’s easy for sales reps to forget what happened to their customers after completing the boat sale.

This is because they often focus on the next sale instead of keeping track of their previous customers. However, investing in customer retention has been proven to boost profits, so it’s essential to make it a priority. And while the odds of repeat customer sales are high, they don’t happen without putting in the work. Here are just a few of the benefits to your post-sales service:

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Strong brand loyalty
  • Boost customer retention
  • Repeat & higher-value sales
Example of professionally shot boat listing hero image taken at dusk
add these activities to your toolkit and create great customer experiences that will lead to loyal customers and increased revenue.

Ways to stay engaged with boat buyers

Simple acts of outreach go a long way, so try out these post-sale service activities to WOW your customers. 

Send personalized notes

You can keep it simple by adding notes to your sales process.

It’s rare to receive an actual card in the mail these days, so when a customer gets one, it stands out. Don’t underestimate the value of a sincere “thank you” message, birthday, and holiday card. It’s not always feasible to write a card to every customer for every occasion so consider a personal phone call, email, or even a quick text message.

Be an expert resource 

Share online tutorials and videos with your new (and old) customers.

New boats come with tons of bells and whistles, which means new boaters will need help using their new boat to the fullest. Additionally, you can be proactive by sharing the boat manuals and technical sheets with your customers, so they have them readily available on all their devices. You can also follow up with customers by sending them product updates and information so they can make the most of their new boat and have a more enjoyable experience.

Use Boats for Sale extensive library of boating resources available for you to share and stay engaged with boat buyers. 

Offer support services

Things don’t always go to plan and your customers will often look to you for support.

As a salesperson, you are the customer’s first call for anything involving their boat. This gives you another opportunity to provide them with an incredible customer service experience. Depending on the customer’s demographics, they may prefer to talk to someone on a sales support line, while others like a chatbot or rep. Customers want immediate results so try to prepare yourself with a solid customer service infrastructure that will allow you to help solve the problem quickly.

Ask for feedback

Develop a customer satisfaction survey to send customers after their purchase.

It’s important to know what your customers liked and what they didn’t. Sending a customer satisfaction survey will help you learn about your service and suggestions for improvements. Make sure that you ask targeted questions, so you gather helpful information. For example, did you feel valued as a customer? Or how likely is a customer to refer you to a friend?

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After-sales service increases customer value.

Remember, you’re not finished with the customer once the transaction is made; the sales cycle just starts over. Set yourself up for success by using your sales tools to share resources, set reminders, and send surveys to your customers. Using these engagement tips will help keep buyers engaged and happy for years.