Is Selling Your Boat at the End of the Season Worth it?

You’ve wanted to sell your boat, but had to get that one last summer on the water in. Or maybe you were waiting for your new boat to be delivered before you give up your current one. Either way, while everyone’s hauling their boats out from the dock to be winterized for dry storage, you’re hoping to land a buyer who’s ahead of next season and got their eyes open for an end-of-season-deal.

End of the season
To keep it on the water for another summer, or cash in at highest dollar pre-season?

Normally we’d tell you that at the end of the summer, unless you are lucky to live in an all-season boating zone, is a slower time of year than spring. The thing is, fall is still a better time to sell than winter. Sales drop off from September, decrease through January, and then pick back up sharply in the early spring. Buyers will also likely want to pay a little less end of season if they are immediately faced with having to pay for dry storage. 

A Regal Boat owner enjoying an outing sitting with wife and kids jumping in water
The marketplace is changing all the time. Be sure to check current values before you get ready to sell.

It can never be said enough—these are unprecedented times for the boating industry.

The supply chain slowdown caused by the pandemic, as well as an expanding demographic of boat buyers who want to spend more time with family and have easier access while working from home, are changing the game. Dealers are seeking used boats to sell and bolster their dwindling new inventory, all of which are being priced higher due to the lack of inventory and demand. Private boat buyers are expanding their search in distance and in timeframe. So with the marketplace booming, selling it end-of-season could be fairly lucrative even in a usually quiet time. Connect with Boats for Sale for a cash offer to gauge your boat’s current value in the marketplace. You can also go to the National Automobile Dealer Association’s (NADA) Guide for Boats online tool to get a baseline for your make and model’s current value. Then begin by checking out other seller resource articles and set up your listing.