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Mercury Outboard— How to Prevent Saltwater Corrosion

For boat owners, thinking about how to prevent saltwater corrosion, an issue that can cause significant damage, is a persistent thought. Thankfully, this enemy is not invincible. With anti-corrosion sprays,…
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How-to: Yamaha Outboard Fuel Filter Replacement

Whether you’re an experienced boat owner or a budding enthusiast, ensuring your Yamaha outboard engine runs smoothly is paramount to a successful and enjoyable journey on the water. One of…
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5 Tips for Navigating Busy Boating Weekends

The sun is coming out, the temperatures are climbing, and the water is calling our names. As the weather begins to warm, that means the summer boating season is quickly…
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5 Tips for Planning Mother’s Day Weekend on a Boat

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and what better way to show your mom how much you appreciate her than a special day on the water? Whether you already…
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Choosing the Best Life Jackets for Your Boat

A boating must, life vests are one of the first things you should assess as you plan your boating adventure. When you buy a boat, depending what it comes with,…
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The Basic Rules of Boating Etiquette

First off, let’s be sure to say that this post is by no means all you need to learn before you get behind the console of a boat. But it’s…
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