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5 Ideas for Using Photos and Videos to Sell Your Boat

If you are planning to sell your boat, whether it’s to upgrade to a newer model or to get back some money, you will likely be listing online. Posting your…
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5 Tips for Writing a Classified Ad for Your Boat

Selling your boat as a private seller can be a tricky business. You must create an ad that stimulates interest but doesn’t come across as too “sales-y.” People who prefer…
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How to Film a Video Walkthrough of Your Boat for Sale

When it’s time to sell a boat, even in today’s hot marketplace, you want your listing to stand out. And you want to attract only serious buyers. The best way…
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3 Tools to Help You Value a Boat for Sale

Whether you’re about to buy a boat or sell a boat, use these three tools to help you value a boat for sale and decide your target price. Despite the…
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