The Most Pet-Friendly Boats

When buying a boat, you always consider your passengers and crew. For some, that also includes man’s best friend. We’ve picked out the best pet-friendly boats that are best suited for your four-legged pals, in no particular order. Who knows, depending on how tight your bond and what size pet, you might even decide to sell your boat and buy a boat from this list. Let’s get started.

Pet-Friendly Boats
Four-legged friends are no strangers to boating. Even good swimmers should ride with a lifevest.


A smooth ride and plenty of four-leg room.

Dual hulls offer several things: about 20% more deck space than monohulls, larger cabin space below, and a steadier ride. All make the experience for your four-legged passengers safer and more comfortable—just like for your human passengers. It also means your pet’s less likely to get seasick (yep, that’s a thing). Check out our catamarans for sale.


Feels just like home, down to a pet relief area. 

If you’re in the market for a yacht, it makes sense that they’re great for pets. Most similar to standard living quarters your pet is used to, a yacht offers the most space, shelter and safety. You even have room to put out a sod or turf area for them to relieve themselves, which isn’t easy on smaller craft. Check out pet-friendly yachts for sale.


Offering a comfy seat up front for your favorite fish finder.

As far as smaller boats go, inflatable boats are quite pet-friendly. Offering sectioned areas and comfortable inflatable sides and seating, your pet can nestle safely as you troll, transport or just cruise along the coastline. Take a peek at inflatables we have for sale right now near you.

Pet-Friendly Boats
Even if you don’t have a yacht, if you have the space to bring a little relief area for your pet, it makes time on the water easier for everyone.


Made for entertaining all the members of the family.

With a flat, wide deck, high guardrails, and plenty of seating area, your pets will find their footing easily onboard a pontoon. Steady on the water, your pet’s also less likely to get disoriented. And made specifically for entertaining, the seating is extra-durable and floors have non-skid surfaces throughout. Many pontoon manufacturers add literal creature comforts, like see-through panels so your pet has visibility of those towed behind or swimming beside the boat, pet bed nooks, and pet food bowls. Browse our pontoon listings.

Don’t have one these boats? You can make any boat more pet-friendly by getting your pet a PFD—personal floatation device made for pets. They come with a handle to easily lift your pet out of the water! All pets should have wear a life jacket, even if you’re traveling on a large vessel like a yacht: some pets will react to fish, dolphins and even passing boats. Also, be sure there’s traction on deck—mats, non-skid stickers or something similar—so they don’t slide around and get hurt! And provide plenty of water and shade to keep them hydrated and comfortable. Check out all the boats for sale right now and filter by these types above to select the best boat for your best friend.