Top 3 Center Console Boat Activities

In the market for a versatile boat? Look no further than the center console. Named after their centrally-located steering station, these boats offer ample, open seating, are fuel-efficient, and give anglers all the room to reel in their catch. Here are a few of our favorite center console boat activities.

Center Console Boat Activities
The open deck space of a center console makes it a natural entertaining boat for small groups.

Entertaining all your friends

Well-balanced and passenger-friendly, a center console accommodates your entire crew.

Whether the focus of your day on the boat is to relax on deck or to shuttle to a destination, your passengers will love to gather around the console to socialize and enjoy the view, which also reinforces good balance, a natural result of the centrally-located steering station. The open deck plan of most center consoles also provides more seating than other boats in the center console size range, too. If you’re someone who likes to entertain a larger group of friends and family, a center console can easily seat 25% more seating than similar boats with side consoles. 

Fun-filled family days on the water 

Great visibility, lots of storage and power to play in the water make this boat a top choice for families.

Just like with your friends, a center console provides your family a comfortable deck to spread out and enjoy an entire day on the water. Even the smallest center consoles have enough power to tow inflatables, wakeboards or waterskis. Ample storage allows for lots of creature comforts to be brought aboard. And many center consoles even have a head, which extends the time your family can spend chasing the golden hour. The open layout provides visibility, so the captain can keep safety always in their eyeline, while the family can congregate around the console together for the ride back after the sunset. 

Center Console Boat Activities
With all the types of fishing boats out there, the fishing room provided by a center console keeps it an angler’s favorite.

An advantage for anglers

Center consoles are best known for being great fishing boats.

Ask any angler what a great first fishing boat is and a center console is going to be in their top three. Why, you ask? The 360-degree fishing space. Other boats limit anglers to front and back fishing, which also means they may lose catch when they hit a “dead end.” On a center console anglers can keep eyes on the prize, moving about and around the entire deck to fight for their catch. The space and storage maximization of a center console also means it can be outfitted with livewells, rod racks and other storage areas for fishing gear, which can then be stowed when it’s time to shift to other center console boat Activities.

The family, fishing and friend-ready center console is a top-selling boat type.

Whether you’re into solo boating or entertaining large groups, fishing, or just getting after wherever the day takes you, a center console should be a top choice for you, and it’s one of the top categories of boats for sale in our marketplace. With all the top manufacturers of center consoles featured in listings at Boats For Sale, we know there’s a center console available near you. Check our inventory today – we have the perfect vessel that will let you enjoy all your favorite center console boat activities.