Why are Bowrider Boats So Popular?

Versatile, fun to drive and passenger-friendly, bowriders are one of the most popular boat types, and a top category at Boats For Sale. As such, many brands endeavor to include a bowrider or several in their lineup. Customizable whether new or used, and average-priced compared to other boats of  their size, bowriders are as friendly as a boat can get. Is it time for you to buy a bowrider boat? Let’s see. 

Bowrider Boats
A bowrider is the best boat to take out for the day.

They’re great daytrippers

Everything you need for a day on the water, and nothing you don’t.

While the bow seating that gives the bowrider its name takes up the space that some boats use to tuck in a cabin, a bowrider makes the most out of day trips. Running efficient engines and hosting a decent amount of storage space, bowriders are perfect for a day-long excursion. Your family can sprawl out for sun or sea spray up front at the bow while you’re towing someone behind. Add a bimini top for some shade during high sun. 

Driving a bowrider is easy

The maneuverability of a bowrider makes them a go-to for first-time boaters.

Bowriders are most often designed with an average V-shaped hull which allows the small-sized boats to cut decently into the water for a smooth ride in favorable conditions. This also allows for decent handling and makes the bowrider a pleasure to drive, and a popular choice for a first boat. As long as you keep it inshore and away from the open ocean, your bowrider will perform with ease and allow you to focus on your #boatinglife. 

Passengers have plenty of seating

Bowrider seat plans get more butts onboard, and allow small crews to sprawl out and get comfortable.

Though a bowrider doesnt boast as much seating space as a deckboat, they’re popular for above-average passenger capacity because of the simple fact that they add bow-side seating, an instant increase from other boats their size. Because of this, an average-sized family can have plenty of room to move around and stretch out when the seats aren’t all full of friends. 

Bowrider Boats
The variety of customization options, both at build and post-manufacture, make bowriders an easy choice for many types of boaters.

The possibilities are endless

Day-cruising, watersports and fishing? Okay!

Bowriders aren’t just versatile by engineering, they’re just so easily customizable. While any bowrider is suited for fishing, watersports and cruising, you can tailor-make or select one that’s got the amenities for your most popular activity. If capacity is your thing, you’ll want a bigger build with more support. Add an engine with increased horsepower and enough tow space for your watersports activities, if that’s your jam. And if you want to fish a lot, a bowrider can be outfitted with rod holders, fishfinding and other GPS technology, livewells and more. Ah, the possibilities of a bowrider is what makes this boat type so appealing. 

They come in at an affordable price point

Versatility usually comes with a manageable pricetag. As you customize it, that goes up.

Brand new bowriders from popular brands like Bayliner, Campion and Chapparal can start around $30,000. As they get bigger, and more custom with feature, fishing and power upgrades, they can cross over the $100,000 mark. But there are a lot in circulation, so you can get a decent, used bowrider for far less than these price tags — a great entry-level price point and one many boaters can afford.

Bowriders are one of our top-selling boats, but there’s a wide range of bowrider boats for sale. Whether you’re looking to buy from a dealer or private seller, register for an account and begin customizing your search for the bowrider of your dreams at Boats For Sale.