20 Fun Holiday Gift Ideas for Boaters

With the holiday season upon us, you might be searching for the perfect gift for the boat enthusiast in your life. If that gift isn’t a new boat from our extensive inventory and you find yourself racking your brain for another idea, look no further! Boaters can be challenging to shop for, but we’re here to make it easy for you. We’ve compiled a list of 20 fun holiday gift ideas for boaters that they’re sure to love- from practical items to unique gifts, we’ve got you covered. 

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Cruise into Christmas knowing you’ve got the best gifts for the boat lovers in your life!

Waterproof Phone Case

A waterproof phone case is an essential item for boaters. It will keep their phone safe from accidental drops in the water, spills or splashes. 


Boat Tote Bag

A boat tote bag is perfect for carrying necessities such as food, beverages, sunscreen, and towels. Small, medium, or large, waterproof or canvas, personalized or basic, the options are endless! 


Life Jacket

Safety always comes first on the water. A high-quality life jacket is a must!


Quick-dry Towels

Quick-dry towels are perfect for boaters because they dry much faster than your average towel and are easy to store since they take up less space. 



A good cooler is a must-have for boaters. It keeps food and drinks cold while out on the water for the day. 


Boat Hook

A boat hook makes docking and mooring easier. It’s also useful for grabbing lines or fending off other boats. 


Dry Bag

A dry bag keeps valuables like phones, cameras, and wallets safe and dry. It’s perfect for boating, kayaking, or any other water activity.


Bluetooth Speaker

A waterproof Bluetooth speaker is always a great gift! It will help set the mood on the boat or even help start a dance party! 


Boat Fenders

Boat fenders protect your loved one’s boat from damage while docking.



Boaters often need to anchor their boats while out on the water. A new, high-quality anchor will make this task easy and stress-free.


Marine Binoculars

Binoculars are essential for boaters to see landmarks or other boats from far away.  


Boat Grill

A boat grill is perfect for cooking up a delicious meal while out on the water– that way you don’t have to head inland for a meal and break up the day! 


Waterproof Headlamp

A waterproof headlamp is useful for boaters who need to see while doing tasks on their boat in the dark. These are super handy for evening cruises. 


Marine GPS

A marine GPS is a necessary item for boaters who want to navigate easier on the water.



Sunglasses to look stylish and to protect from UV rays and glare while out on the water– the best of both worlds! 


Boat Shoes

Boat shoes are comfortable and practical. They provide excellent traction on wet surfaces and are lightweight– perfect for long days on a boat. 


Marine VHF Radio

A marine VHF radio allows boaters to communicate with their crew or other vessels on the water. A must-have for seasoned boaters! 


Boat Cleaning Supplies

Keeping a boat clean is always a good idea. Gifting your loved one cleaning supplies will make it easier for them to maintain their boat. 


GoPro Camera

A GoPro camera is perfect for capturing those unforgettable moments on the water! And they’re waterproof- an added bonus! 


Waterproof Playing Cards

Every boater needs a deck of playing cards in their rig. But what if you gifted them some that were waterproof? Lots of brands make waterproof versions of regular card decks. Or you can look for a waterproof version of their favorite specialty card game.  

Affordable Bay Boats
The holiday season is here! Get the boater in your life the perfect gift to stick under the tree.

There you have it20 fun holiday gift ideas for boaters that are sure to make a splash this Christmas. Whether the boater in your life is a newbie on the water or a seasoned pro, any of these gift ideas will make a perfect stocking stuffer or present under the tree!  However, the best gift of all is having a trusted expert in the boating industry to assist with buying, selling, or answering any questions you might have, so contact us and let our experts handle all your boating needs.