5 Fun Activities To Do On Your Deckboat

If you’re in the market for a deckboat, it’s because you are craving that space. But what to do with all of it? Here are our five favorite boating activities made better on the deck of a deckboat. If these hit tick all your boxes, it’s probably time to browse deckboats for sale in our marketplace.

 An average-sized deckboat can seat up to 14 passengers, which makes them great for cruising with a crowd. 

Pleasure Cruising with the Crew

More space to spend more time with more loved ones on the water.

For the least active of boating activities — pleasure cruising — we can’t think of many other boats that bring the party. With a hull shape and signature wide bow that make cutting through the water a breeze with stable balance, a deckboat lends itself well to responsible happy hours at golden hour. 

Freedom to Move While Fishing

Casting is unencumbered from the deck of a deckboat.

While not designed only with anglers in mind, the spaciousness and balance that a deckboat provides allows for better casting possibilities. Anglers won’t complain about not having every single fishing accessory when they have all that extra room to move about and reel in their catch.  

The balanced feel and wide bow open up possibilities and up the fish count when angling on a deckboat.

Lounging Around in the Sun

So much room to do… not much at all. 

Whether you’re anchored out at a sandbar at low tide, slow cruising to nowhere, or hopping off the swim platform to cool off before catching more Vitamin D, a deckboat gives you more room to spread out. Deckboats often provide larger or additional seating, and some just keep more of that deck space open, which makes the deck the perfect spot to throw down your towel and soak in the summer rays.  

Deckboats are often seen surrounded with swimmers and with sunbathers sprawled out on deck.

Towing Watersports

Plenty of tow power, and plenty of room to watch. 

While deckboats might not be as fast as other boats in their class, they’ve got more than enough horsepower and the hardware to tow watersports from tubing to wakeboards. With all the seating a deckboat offers, that’s a lot of spectators to cheer on your favorite towmates. And the price of a deckboat is usually more affordable than specialty ski & wakeboard boats.

A Long Day of All the Activities

That big group you can fit onboard don’t all want to do the same thing.

The best thing of all about a deck boat is that all that space equals storage. And whether you’ve got an extra-large crowd or a restless one, your deckboat will allow for storage of plenty of accessories, lots of food and drink, games, changes of clothes and anything else they might need for a dawn-to-dusk comfortable day on the water.