5 Ideas for Using Photos and Videos to Sell Your Boat

If you are planning to sell your boat, whether it’s to upgrade to a newer model or to get back some money, you will likely be listing online. Posting your boat for sale online can provide a worldwide reach to potential buyers, but that can also be a double-edged sword.  

The competition to sell your boat is fierce; therefore, high-quality photos and videos can make or break a sale. Providing premium-level visual content is crucial for both boat sellers and buyers. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the basics of using digital media to successfully showcase your boat for sale. 

Busy Boating Weekends
Golden Hour offers the best light for taking quality photos of your boat.

Clean your boat before taking pictures and videos.

Before taking photos or videos, ensure your boat is clean and clutter-free.  

A clean, well-maintained boat will ensure you get top dollar. This means clearing any clutter and securing all items before taking pictures or videos. Wipe down surfaces with a wet rag or towel to remove any dirt or water spots that might dim your boat’s appearance. If you’re close to a body of water, ensure your boat is free from salt and water spots, as they can make your pictures look blurry or unprofessional. 

PRO TIP: Don’t skimp here – hire a professional to detail if needed!

Use natural light.

When taking photos and videos of your boat, choose the right time of day to make the exterior and interior of your boat look their best.  

The last hour before sunset and the first hour after sunrise (Golden Hour) are the best times to get natural light. Natural light can bring out the vibrant colors of your boat and show off its unique design. 

Get the right shots for your boat.

Take the time to take plenty of photos and videos showing off all areas of your boat that buyers might want to see.  

This includes:

  • The main cabin
  • Sleeping quarters
  • Galley
  • Cockpit
  • Exterior
  • Engine compartment
  • Deck areas
  • Electronics and extra features.

Use a wide-angle lens so prospective buyers can see as much of your boat as possible. 

Videography matters.

When it comes to selling your boat online, videography matters.  

Take multiple videos of various areas of your boat, including the exterior, interior, and any special features. Create a video walkthrough of your boat to give buyers a clear idea of the condition of your vessel. A well-defined video showcasing the highlights of your boat can often convey in minutes the essential attributes of the craft that might not otherwise be evident in photos. 

Busy Boating Weekends
Editing is a crucial step in the process. be sure to take your time!

Edit your pictures and videos.

After taking your shots, carefully go over and edit them.  

There are several free and inexpensive editing apps that will allow you to crop photos, remove blemishes, and adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation. Edit your videos to eliminate any unnecessary footage and condense the necessary footage to make it more manageable. Consider hiring a professional video editor to enhance your videography if you’re uncomfortable doing it yourself. 

Selling your boat online presents the unique challenge of capturing the beauty and uniqueness of your vessel to entice potential buyers. High-quality photos and videos are essential in today’s online market, and they can significantly impact the success and speed of your sale. So, take the extra time to create attractive and visually appealing content with quality photos and videos before posting your ad. With our tips, you’re sure to make your boat the talk of any comping buyers and tell the story of the boating life of your boat.

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