Secluded Boating Adventures We’re Dreaming About

Winter always seems to be the time we dream big when it comes to boating. Whether you’re a luxury boat owner planning your next voyage or a yet-to-be-boat-owner longing to buy a boat and find your sea legs, these boat trips top our list of secluded boating adventures. Whether you want to stay in the US or go beyond to achieve the ultimate peace and solitude on the water and its wildlife, plan to explore these remote destinations.

Boating Adventures
The Cape coastline stretches endlessly, beckoning for you to drop anchor, relax and admire the sunset.

Cape Cod Snorkeling Weekend

Hundreds of miles of pristine coastline await your family’s exploration.

The perfect place for recreational boating, summers at the Cape offer cool, clear blue water primed for cruising around and discovering its sea life. When you’ve reached your ideal, picturesque location, drop anchor and explore more intimately via snorkel and fins or standup paddleboards (SUP). With 559 of miles of pristine shoreline and ample open water, there are plenty of bays, beaches, and harbors to anchor at overnight while you dine on local seafood shack eats and plenty of room for day exploring with your cruiser for you to feel like you have a piece of this stunning area in the Northwest Atlantic Ocean to yourself. 

Boating Adventures
Shuttling around in an inflatable to catch native species on foot might be the best fishing day you ever had.

Alaskan Fishing Adventure

Every angler’s dream vacation to parts otherwise unknown.

This adventure of a lifetime can take place in ocean, lake or river, but for us, the ultimate Alaskan fishing day is actually not from a boat at all. Hop in a rigid inflatable (RIB) to skim along a remote Alaskan river decked out in gear to flyfish against a breathtaking backdrop. Reel in native grayling, steelfish and char, among others, before hauling back your catch to a lush lodge outfitted with fish cleaning stations, hot showers and supremely comfy beds.

Pet-Friendly Boats
While a yacht may be a symbol of success and luxury, the Mediterranean is the true jewel of this dream holiday.

The Mediterranean by Yacht

A luxury-seeker’s bucket list trip set against the most striking, historic scenery.

Whether your dream destination is the hidden gem of Croatia’s natural beauty, the luxury-teeming French Riviera, the historic Amalfi Coast of Italy, or Turkey’s picturesque Turquoise Coast, there is almost too much beauty to choose from when plotting your trip to and through the Med. The stunning views are only part of this ultimate adventure by boat. Whether chartering a superyacht or navigating the waters on a motor yacht of your own, the experiences that await you while dining, relaxing and playing in the water while anchored, or shuttling via tender to get lost in these charming historic coastal cities, are guaranteed to the be among the most memorable of your life. 

Pet-Friendly Boats
One of America’s most striking boating destinations, the best boating in the Keys is slow-boating.

Slow-Cruising The Florida Keys

The perfect place to trawl when there’s no destination except relaxation and recreation.

Pack your bags and hop aboard a trawler — the ideal boat to enjoy this stunning coral cay archipelago in the southernmost part of the United States. This diverse boat with ample room to live aboard yields countless possibilities for you and your crew. Jump off to snorkel. Backroll off to scuba dive. Anglers can troll for local sportfish.  And at sunset, slow-party cruise through these bright, light blue waters — so clear you can spot sealife from deck, frozen daiquiri in hand – now thats Boatification™!