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Stay Safe & Protect Yourself from Fraud

Knowledge and awareness are two of the most powerful defenses to prevent fraud.

It’s essential to remain vigilant against potential scam artists who exploit unsuspecting victims through security breaches or phishing scams.   

Online shopping has made transactions very convenient, but an occasional scammer will use the internet to prey on people using sophisticated tactics to catch victims off guard. To ensure that you don’t become one, be sure to:

  • Research methods of secure payment offered.  
  • Search for contact information like email or phone number. Scammers usually conceal this information). 
  • Check reviews about the seller’s products or services 
  • And always ask questions if something feels off.  


Following these tips from Boats for Sale will give you an extra layer of security and help keep you safe.  


Fraud Prevention Guidelines

Please be aware that Boats for Sale provides a marketplace, but we are not a service that assists in facilitating the buying and selling of the product.   

Also, please keep in mind that Boats for Sale:  

  • Is not a logistics company; we can’t verify if a seller or buyer is legitimate.  
  • Does not participate in transactions between buyers and sellers.  
  • Does not offer Protection, Escrow Services, or any type of Certification.  
  • Does not give instructions on how or where to send in payments.  
  • Does not offer shipping or warehousing services.  
  • Will never ask for personal or financial information via email.  
  • Will never ask you for a password or PIN. 
  • Will take immediate action if fraud is suspected. 

Tips for Secure Transactions

Consider these guidelines to send or receive payment safely.  

  • If an offer looks too good to be true, it probably is! Follow your instinct.  
  • If you have submitted an inquiry but no one has responded, that is a sign of fraudulent activity and is a potential scam.
  • Do your research, and verify the Buyer or Seller’s identity.   
  • Ensure the addresses and names match up in public records or directories.  
  • Be cautious of an individual posing as an agent representing a buyer or seller or dealing with someone outside your country.  
  • Do not make a purchase only from photos. A photo does not verify the existence of an item. See the vessel in person.  
  • If using an escrow service to pay the transaction, verify that it is a reliable service. Do not use an escrow service recommended by the seller.
  • Fraud deals may involve shipping, wire transfers, overpayment, or cashier’s checks. Unusual requests involving the transaction may be a signal of a potential scam.  

Recommendations for Buyers

  • Remember, if it’s too good to be true – it probably is! 
  • Know the vessels market value.  
  • Inspect the boat closely. Don’t just rely on photos.  
  • Confirm contact information.  
  • Be cautious when using email.  
  • Do not send personal or financial information to anyone via email.  
  • Do not use money transfer services, such as Western Union, to pay for online purchases.  
  • If using an escrow service for payment, make sure it is a reputable, valid escrow service.  
  • Get a detailed bill of sale.  
  • Ensure that the HIN (Hull Identification Number) on the bill of sale matches that of the boat.

Recommendations for Sellers

  • Confirm contact information.  
  • Verify that payment is genuine.  
  • Secure payment before going further. 
  • Beware of overpayment or other complicated schemes.

Boats for Sale Wants to Ensure Buyers & Sellers Are Protected & Aware

Many honest buyers and sellers conduct business safely on the internet daily, but fraud prevention and awareness are integral parts of being a responsible shopper. Following these simple guidelines will help ensure buyers and sellers remain protected and scam-free!  

For more fraud education resources and tips click the links below: 

How To Report Suspicious Activity

First, Let us know about it. If you receive a suspicious contact, report it to Boats for Sale immediately. Utilize the form below to send us details. 

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