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Navigating the Decision to Upgrade Your Boat

If you’re a boat owner, it’s likely that at some point you’ll consider upgrading your current vessel for something a bit newer. Whether it’s to improve performance, increase space and…
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5 Advantages of Buying a Used Boat

Many boaters dream of owning a brand-new, sleek boat that has never touched the water. However, it’s important to understand the many advantages that come with buying a used vessel.…
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How to Finance a Boat

Financing a boat is just like financing a car. While it might sound daunting, boat loan financing is quicker and easier than you think to arrange. You can even leverage…
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3 Tools to Help You Value a Boat for Sale

Whether you’re about to buy a boat or sell a boat, use these three tools to help you value a boat for sale and decide your target price. Despite the…
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