Top 3 Tips for Selling your Used Boat

Deciding to sell your boat is a big decision. And, as with many of life’s big decisions, there are steps to take to make these processes easier to navigate. Whether you’re upgrading and need to sell your old boat first or just ready to collect on your investment, the task of selling can be daunting. Fortunately, we have tips and tricks to expedite the process and avoid hiccups. Here are some of our top 3 tips for selling your used boat. 

Do your research.

Before considering your boat’s price tag, you should do your research.

Look at how much comparable boats have been selling for. Look at what condition they are in. Although pricing high might seem like a win-win situation, oftentimes, it can be a deterrent to potential buyers. Try and find a competitive price range that falls within the market. An easy way to start is by using our value calculator. 

Example of professionally shot boat listing hero image taken at dusk
If you find yourself ready to sell your boat, Boats For Sale offers easy-to-navigate tools to get started.

Invest in maintenance.

If your boat has undergone wear and tear throughout its use, it might be worth investing in some sprucing up.

This can include anything from a simple hull cleaning to new interior cushions, or even a new coat of paint. These improvements might be what make your boat stand out from the competition. You also want to ensure that your boat is running flawlessly. Few things are more embarrassing than planning to take a buyer out on the water only to be sidelined by faulty equipment. This is why having your boat serviced prior to listing it is so important. 

Aerial photo of Pursuit motor boat running in open water taken during golden hour lighting
You want to ensure that everything is spick and span when it comes time for a buyer to look at your boat.

List your boat with the right people.

One of the best ways to garner the most exposure for your boat is by listing it on a reputable, online platform.

Boats for Sale makes this process easy. The more people see your boat, the higher likelihood of selling it. Our proprietary sales tools, easy-to-navigate website, and seller resources help you get your boat listed and sold as quickly as possible. What helps us to stand apart from other platforms, is that we provide a one-stop shop with more lead opportunities. We have marketing experts with the experience and know-how to deliver qualified leads on a regular basis.

Selling your used boat might come with mixed emotions, but when done the Boats For Sale way, it will be painless and profitable. Remembering to begin your selling process with preliminary research, cleaning and servicing your boat, and finally, utilizing a platform with a proven track record will help to ensure that you find a buyer. With these top 3 tips, you’ll be able to sell your boat with ease and peace of mind. So, what are you waiting for?! Let our experts help you sell your boat today!