5 Tips for Beating the End of Summer Blues

As summer comes to a close, many boaters begin to pack up their boats and prep them for storage until next year. However, this does not have to be the case. September is the perfect month for hitting the water and extending your boat season into the fall.  

With cooler temperatures, fewer crowds, and beautiful scenery, boating in September offers a unique experience you won’t want to miss. Let’s explore the benefits of boating in September while giving you a nudge to get back on the water and beat the end of summer blues.  

Bask in cooler temperatures.

With the heat of summer behind us, September brings cooler temperatures that make for a comfortable boating experience.

The air is crisp, and the water is refreshing. You can spend all day on the water without worrying about sunburn or heatstroke. This is the perfect time to plan a fishing trip, enjoy a cruise, spend the day at the sandbar, or even try a watersport like wakeboarding and water skiing. 

Example of professionally shot boat listing hero image taken at dusk
There is no better time to enjoy your boat and the water than when summer is officially over and the crowds disappear. 

Enjoy fewer crowds.

With school back in session, many families have put their boating plans on hold.

This means fewer crowds and less competition for your favorite fishing spots or waterways. You can have a more peaceful and relaxed boating experience without the noise and commotion of summertime boating. It’s the perfect time to reconnect with nature and enjoy some quiet time on the water. 

PROTIP: Use this quiet time to improve your boating skills – click here for some tips!

Take in the stunning scenery.

As September rolls around, the leaves begin to change, offering a spectacular display of colors.

This is especially true in areas with deciduous trees, like the Northeast area of the country. Boating during this time allows you to take in the beauty of nature from a unique perspective. Whether you’re cruising past a waterfall or exploring a quiet cove, the scenery of fall is stunning and unforgettable. 

Take advantage of end-of-season discounts.

Many boat dealers offer end-of-season discounts and incentives to boost sales.

This means you can find great deals on boats and boating accessories that you may not have found during the summer months. Take advantage of the savings and upgrade your boating experience before winter hits. 

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Aerial photo of Pursuit motor boat running in open water taken during golden hour lighting
There is so much to enjoy as summer ends, be sure to get on the water and take advantage! 

Extend your boating season.

Depending on where you live, September may not be the end of boating season.

In some states, the boating season can extend into October and November. By continuing to take your boat out on the water for these extra months, you can make the most of your investment and enjoy the water for longer. 

Do not let the end of summer put an end to your boating season. September offers beautiful weather, fewer crowds, and gorgeous scenery that are perfect for any boating adventure and are great ways to end of summer blues. Take advantage of end-of-season discounts and enjoy the waters before the winter sets in. Extend your boating season and make some unforgettable autumn memories on the water.