7 Tips for Prepping Your Boat for the Sale  

Selling a boat can be challenging. With a limited number of buyers for each type, a used boat can take months to sell. The longer it takes to sell, the more money it costs. Few people can afford to keep a boat on the market for an extended period, and boaters who want to upgrade usually can only afford to upgrade once the current boat is sold.  

Taking the time to prepare a used boat for sale will speed up the boat-selling process and help you get top dollar. Beyond price and maintenance, there are a few tricks to get your boat ready for the sale. If you are considering selling, these seven tips from our Boats for Sale experts will help in prepping your boat for the sale.  

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If you are ready to sell your boat, a full service mechanical check is your first step!

Perform a mechanical check.

If you are coming out of winterization, make sure the mechanical components of your boat are in good shape.   

One option is to go ahead and fully service your engine. The time gained through a quick sale will outweigh the costs of dealing with hesitant buyers and a crowded market. A fully serviced engine with service records creates peace of mind for you and your buyer.  

Perform a systems check.

Buyers are going to want to know that all systems are a go.   

They’ll want to see every light illuminated and hear all pumps functioning. Check all major systems, the larger electronics, and generators before listing. Next, test out sound systems, horns, and other additions. Keep a running list of any issues to explain to a buyer or have fixed before a sale.  

Get a full detail.

Research shows that clean boats sell faster.   

Having your boat fully detailed and photographed is a foolproof way to decrease sale time. Plan to photograph your boat the day of the detail, so it is in pristine condition. If you plan to list your boat online, stay organized and create a folder of your top boat photos so you can easily edit, add, or remove images.  

Family Friendly Boats
Studies show that clean boats are more attractive to potential buyers. Dont lose that sale because of clutter and dirt. 

Declutter and remove personal items.

For larger watercrafts, this may be more time-consuming, but it’s crucial when trying to attract a buyer.   

Like when you are selling a home, potential buyers want to see a clean boat where they can envision themselves rather than looking at your possessions. For larger boats with refrigerators and full beds, make the areas look as neat as when you purchased the boat. Organize and clean your fridge, make the bed with neutral bedding and clean the flooring. Doing this will showcase a maintained vessel well and instill confidence in the buyer.  

Listing your boat.

When listing your boat, do your homework and be sure you have accurate information.   

You will be asked plenty of questions and must have clear and informative answers prepared. Prepared service documents are a great start and show you have kept the boat up per factory standards. Be sure to know the year, make, and model of the boat and engine and be prepared to show the title for both boat and trailer if requested. Stay a step ahead and when you list include all the best features, utilize quality images, and include video.

Price your boat to sell.

A competitively priced boat will lead to more boat showings and, ultimately, more potential offers from buyers.   

Evaluate boat prices for similar boats by searching local and national online boat listings. Be sure also to consider regional differences in pricing. It may be surprising to see how some boats hold their value better than others.  

Let a marketplace do the work.

Utilize a quality boat marketplace like Boats for Sale, and let us do all the heavy lifting for you!   

We offer a cutting-edge platform, making selling your boat simple. Born from our love for boats and our own experience on the water, it’s our mission to make BoatsForSale.com the most convenient and tech-savvy boat marketplace out there. Our proprietary sales tools, easy-to-navigate website, and seller resources help you get your boat listed and sold as quickly as possible.   

Many factors can help you sell your boat faster; hopefully, this guide will help you when prepping your boat for sale. If you need tips on how to sell your boat fast, click here to find out more. Contact us today for more detailed information on how Boats for Sale can help in prepping your boat for the sale!