5 Best Family Friendly Boats

For many, boating is a way of life that includes some of the very best memories. Like the very first time you reeled in that big catch or took the wheel, nothing compares to those first-time moments created while boating.

The memories and experiences created on a boat are part of who you are and something you want to share with those you love the most. Because of this, more and more families are gravitating towards boating. They want to participate in any water activity that stimulates social interaction while providing fun for everyone. Very few outdoor activities please every family member, from the surliest teenagers to the most cautious grandparent, more than boating.

Family Friendly Boats
A cabin cruiser is a great choice for families and those who want to cruise just a little further.

Choosing the perfect family boat can be challenging because there are just so many options. If this is your first, it’s vital to make versatility a priority. The more fun and activities your new boat can support, the more engaged the entire family will be. If you choose the right boat, you can include tubing, cruising, and fishing into just one action-packed weekend. So, if you’re in the market for a new boat, keep reading to learn more about the five best family-friendly boats.

Cabin Cruisers

The cabin cruiser is the ideal boat for when you want that quick cruise around the Intracoastal to become an overnight mini vacay.

With interior sleeping space and other essentials, these boats are meant to accommodate those creature comforts needed for longer trips. Cabin cruisers are larger than most boats and can cost a bit more. Still, these beautiful vessels expand your abilities to adventure. Things like weekending aboard, visiting long-distance destinations, or even taking a family vacation on the water are in your grasp with a cruiser. They’re like having a home that floats, and most are outfitted with everything you need for those experiences that can last days at a time.

Pontoon Boats

If the term pontoon boat makes you think of an old, rusty float, it’s time to catch up on all things pontoon.

Pontoon boats are flat-surface boats that float upon the water rather than settle into it. Today’s pontoons are different; they are well-powered enough to pull skiers yet versatile in design. This is the ideal boat for the water-reluctant land lover.

It’s essential to remember that these new models with more power are still comfortable yet thrilling as they glide across the waves. Many are equipped with engines that provide exciting performance with the ability to enjoy watersports. And while they may not be as proficient at handling large waves as monohull boats, many of the larger pontoons are just as capable in choppy waters. Some of the other factors that make pontoons the perfect family boat include:

  • A pontoon deck is surrounded by a barrier, which makes it appealing to families with young children.
  • The stability offered by a pontoon puts riders at ease and makes it an excellent platform for cruising and entertaining.
  • A pontoon will work for watersports with the right combination of options and power.


If swimming at the sandbar, joyriding across the lake, pulling skiers, or just relaxing on the water sounds enticing, a bowrider may be the ideal choice for your family.

A bowrider is one of the most popular family boats because of its versatility, plentiful seating, and easy handling. These family-friendly boats can be used for skiing, tubing, and fishing and are perfect for the simple relaxation of a day cruise. The layout lets everyone on the boat easily soak up the sun. However, folding canopies that shield passengers from harsh rays are almost always included.

Family Friendly Boats
Cuddy Cabins are versatile since they strike a perfect balance between bowriders and cabin cruisers.

Cuddy Cabins

While the cuddy cabin design has been around for ages, today’s walkarounds are more family-friendly than ever.

The cuddy cabin is an ideal watercraft for fishing, but it is also incredibly flexible. Water skiing, overnight cruises, and lengthy journeys are all within the realm of possibility with this versatile boat.

Many fishing center consoles may not have the most effective design, but for many fishing families with young children, cuddy cabins are a sensible solution because of the added protection.

Jet Boats

A jet boat is a specific style of boat that has come a long way from its earliest days.

Jet boats today come in a variety of designs. The feature that sets this boat apart from the rest is its unique propulsion system. Though the variety of choices is a bit less when it comes to jet boats, and they can be slightly less efficient than most traditional watercrafts, they have one perk that many families love – no propeller. While propeller injuries are exceedingly uncommon, the mere thought of doing away with the prop gives many parents invaluable peace of mind. Jet boats provide exceptional handling, minimal draft, along with all the other enticing features found on runabouts.

So, what’s the best choice?

One of these five types of boats will prove to be a great choice for you and your adventure loving family. Of course, other, more highly specialized vessels may fit your fancy. For instance, if bass fishing is your true love, a bass boat will be impossible to beat. Speed demons will naturally gravitate towards high-performance boats. Or, if wakeboarding is your sport of choice, finding a dedicated wake boat may be the best choice for you.

The most important thing to remember is to find a boat that makes your family happy. Spending time on the water will bring your loved ones closer while creating the most memorable experiences—and that’s one thing we can promise!